“I have been a patient of Dr. Queen for almost 20 years. When I started as a patient, I was newly married. In the years since, he has treated me, my husband and my three children. We have had braces, root canals, fillings, caps with great dental care. His staff is fantastic and responsive to scheduling and gentle with their care and reminders for maintenance. Dr. Queen is the man to see!”
- Grace C.

“Dr. Queen has been my dentist for about 12 years and my husband’s as well. He is very professional, knowledgeable, gentle, and caring. His staff is also very good and thorough. He listens and recommends choices of treatment for me to decide. The office hours are convenient. I have never experienced a problem with the staff filing the insurance claim. I like the free toothbrush also. I highly recommend him to everyone.”
- Susan C.

“This goes out to you Doc! I met Dr. Queen at the end of 2001 and have had the honor of not only getting to work side by side with him but being his patient as well. My mother who used to be petrified about going to the dentist and used to use nitrous for just a cleaning now sees nobody else and even travels from WV just to remain under his care. Even my 89 yr. old grandmother who lives in NJ calls Dr. Queen her dentist! Just to tell you a little (because I could go on for a while!) I have never met a doctor with such an amazing bedside manner, he cares for and treats his patients just like he would want to be treated. I never once saw him treatment plan any unnecessary dental work, it’s not about the $ with this man! His skills and knowledge are like no other and he is experienced and trained in so many aspects of dentistry that it is very unlikely he will need to refer a patient out. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Queen to anyone and everyone and a shout out to his remarkable staff as well (didn’t forget about you girls!) Love ya Kristi and thanks Doc for everything :-)”
- Nicole D.

“Dr Queen has been our family dentist for nearly 12 years. He takes great care of me, my wife, my sixteen year old son, my thirteen year old daughter and my eight year old son. He is very responsive to any questions you may ask and his staff is very pleasant and professional. We lead very busy lives and his office is able
to accommodate us with flexible hours. I would give him my highest recommendation.”
- John C.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Queen now for quite a few years and have always had a great experience. The check-ups are very thorough and the staff is absolutely fantastic to deal with and quite knowledgeable. I know people don’t often like to go to the dentist, but Dr. Queen and his staff are so caring and pleasant that trips to the dentist aren’t as intimidating as they used to be...and did I mention you get a free toothbrush!! :)”
- Mike P.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Queens for over 15 years. He pulled my wisdom teeth when I was in my late teens prior to starting his own practice. With his knowledge, honesty and professionalism, it is with no doubt that I as well as my husband and 3 children followed Dr. Queen to his private practice. His staff is very friendly, attentive and professional and Kristi is very responsive with any questions you may have. I never feel like Dr. Queen is rushing off to the next patient like with some doctors. I also like the fact that Dr. Queen continues to attend training on new technologies within the Dental industry and everyone is very gentle when working on your teeth. I have referred my closest friends to Dr. Queen and they would all say the same thing! I’m sure you will be just as happy as my family is!”
- Lisa R.

“Dr. Queen is as qualified, formidable, patient-oriented, and phenomenal a dentist as there is. I’ve gone to see Dr. Queen for a litany of issues--from a general consultation to more serious issues (e.g., fixing in-lays, getting crowns, and the like)--and he has never provided any less than the highest quality and caliber of care. His staff (office manager, dental assistants and hygienist) is beyond reproach and is equally customer-oriented and fantastic. I recommend Dr. Queen’s practice with the utmost enthusiasm and would not hesitate to provide a recommendation of tantamount fervor to any prospective patient(s).”
- Domenic I.

“Dr. Queen is a wonderful dentist. I have been going to him for many years. When he started his own practice, I followed him. He listens to my dental problems, I never feel rushed. He never pressures me into expensive procedures. He always offers me a variety of options in different price ranges. He does excellent work. I recommend him and his friendly professional staff whole heartily!”
- Anne M.

“Just left the office as a first-time patient. Totally impressed! I was greeted with a big smile and taken back immediately after filling out my paperwork. The hygienist was friendly and easy-going. She cleaned my teeth well and nothing hurt, though she mentioned I was bleeding a bit (I could be better about flossing, but she didn’t scold me). Dr. Queen was super nice and he spent some time just trying to get to know me, not just to check my teeth and move on to the next patient. Everyone there seemed really happy, like they enjoyed their jobs. I’ve never heard more laughing at a dental office. I was the guinea pig for my family, but I will be sure to send the rest of them in, along with my co-workers and friends.”
- Mindy M.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Queen’s office (Elden Street Dental Care) for over 3 years. I came to the office for a second opinion, actually, after being elsewhere. Apparently, when you tell some dental offices that it has been a while since you’ve seen the dentist, they automatically assume you have bad teeth/hygiene/periodontal disease. Because I hadn’t had dental insurance for a few years, I did my best to maintain good oral hygiene. After leaving the other office with a $1800 treatment plan for gum work, I took it--along with my xrays--to Dr. Queen. He did a free examination, talked to me at length, and told me I didn’t need any gum treatment--they were in perfect condition...all I needed was a regular cleaning. So I got one right then and there, and I’ve been back every six months since, without any issues. Dr. Queen is straightforward, honest, and really is looking out for his patients’ best interest, not his own! His hygienists and office manager are super-friendly and always make me feel comfortable. As long as I live in Northern Virginia, I will be a patient of Dr. Queen’s.”
- Jake L.

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